Resume Highlights
     GPA 3.7+
     Solidworks Certified (CSWA)
     IBM Machine Learning Certification  
     B.S. Mechanical Engineering - Design of Mechanical Systems Specialization
     B.S. Materials Science & Engineering - Materials and Mechanical Design Specialization
     M.M. Artificial Intelligence - Columbia University
Professional Experience
Innovation Engineer - Enterprise Automation
     Business Development
     Research & Development
     Notable clients: Intel, Los Angeles County Sanitation District, City of Huntington Beach, Sentinel Peak Resources

Controls Engineer II - Enterprise Automation
     Manage engineering teams
     PLC programming, HMI configuration, networking setup, low voltage panel design
     Project sizes ranging from $20,000 to $3,000,000
     Industries: water, chemical, life sciences, manufacturing, semiconductors

Controls Engineer I - Enterprise Automation
     PLC programming, HMI configuration, networking setup, low voltage panel design
     Project sizes ranging from $20,000 to $3,000,000
     Project teams of 3 to 8 engineers
     Project Durations of 1 month to 3 years
     Industries: water, chemical, life sciences, manufacturing

Mechanical Engineering Intern - Allegheny Technologies Inc.
     Drew 2D drawings for customer quotes in AutoCAD
     Designed 3D models of parts and forging dies in NX10
     Utilized Polyworks to make and analyze 3D Scans
     Analyzed large data sets using Microsoft Excel
     Wrote a MatLab code to merge 1000 CSV files

Researcher - UCI Thermal Barrier Coating Laboratory
     Generate 4K images with Solidworks Visualize
     Make Solidworks parts and assemblies (500+ parts)
     Run phase diagram simulations in Thermocalc
     Code programs for data analysis in Matlab
     Design and build test laboratory test apparatuses

Engineering Intern - Seven Hour Drive LLC.
     Created 3D Solidworks Models
     Made Dimensioned 2D Drawings
     Used Finite Element Analysis
     Creatively optimized parts
     Build the company's website

Software Engineering Intern - Wing AI

Web Developer - Orange County Archery LLC.
     Built website with HTML, CSS, & Javascript
     Designed logos in Adobe Illustrator
     Took photos of the business
     Edited photos using Adobe Lightroom
     Taught client how to maintain the website

Web Developer - Toast Kitchen & Bakery

Founder & CEO -
     Provide services in web design, graphic design, photography, tutoring, engineering consulting and social media marketing
     Make invoices and python programs for tracking finances
     Manage client websites and G-Drive Suites
     Meet with clients to discuss individual business needs
School Projects
Team Lead - UCI Senior Design: IoT Device
     Oversaw team logistics and project documentation
     Made slideshows weekly to communicate team progress
     Designed control systems and device communications
     Trained speech parsing algorithm and implement Google API
     Led development of mechanical and electrical systems

Team Lead - UCI Senior Design: Retained Foreign Object Identification
     Conception of UHF RFID based detection system
     Design device requirements and guide implementation
     Delegate work to team members and handle logistics
     Teach team members needed skills and provide advice
     Take the lead on forward planning and research

Team Lead - Autonomous Pneumatic Robot
     Oversaw all facets of organization and design
     Designed a hybrid control system to control a pneumatic robot
     Ran simulations in MatLab to determine starting parameters
     Programmed an Arduino to autonomously control the robot
     Designed components in SolidWorks and fabricated parts

Team Lead - Mechatronic Design Project

Team Lead - MAE 151 Design Project
leadership experience
UCI Materials Science Club
     Media Director

UCI Asian Corporate & Entrepreneur Leaders Club
     Founding President

UCI Triangle Fraternity
     Internal Vice President
     Media Director
     AVEVA Citect SCADA Certified Expert
     Solidworks (Certified)
     Solidworks Visualize
     Siemens NX
     Additive Manufacturing
     Scanning Electron Microscopy
     X-Ray Diffraction Spectroscopy
     Dream Report 5.0

Computer Science
     Machine Learning

     Adobe Illustrator
     Adobe InDesign
     Adobe Photoshop
     Adobe Lightroom
     Adobe Premiere Pro
     Adobe Acrobat

     Computer Building
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